Making every step count


Put the FUN into Fundraising

Fundraising practically makes you a superhero. Your team will have already chosen to raise funds for vital equipment, life changing services, or ground breaking research. Or perhaps you decided to leave it to the experts to spend it in the area that needs funds the most. But then the big question hits... how will I do this?

Email, email, email

Get your fingers running across your keyboard and tell your friends and family members all about what you are doing. Family and friends can easily help by sponsoring you, so make sure you send them an email with a link to your page to make it easy. Did you know that it only takes fundraisers on average 5 donations to reach their target?

Be social

Share all your progress on social media. Don't forget to share photos, stories, videos, stats and stories. You've entered into this challenge for a reason so make sure you are letting your friends know how you are tracking along and what an easy way to do it. You will find friends who want to support who you may never have expected to! You might even get yourself a fan following.

Think outside the box

Give your colleagues extra inspiration to donate to you. The guys at NetApp did exactly that when they promised their work mates if they hit their $1,000 target, team 'Gone Fishing' would head off and around Sydney in gorilla suits. All the teams wanted to raise funds for a great cause but were also keen to get as many people involved and up from behind their desks. Who doesn't want to see their Director walking around in a gorilla suit? On top of this challenge, the teams used Facebook, Twitter, Emails and had offered home baked cakes to get everyone excited.

Greek style party

Alex and his team decided there would be no better way to raise funds than through the delicious taste of souvlaki. By holding a Greek style party at his office, the team raised over $2,000! Now that is one fun and delicious way to get the money in.




Fundraiser Profile

Keep an eye out for Artie and his team "Link It Up" on the leaderboard in 2019. Can you over take them?

Artie started taking part in Steptember back in 2014. Recruiting his fellow partners at Link Property Services they took up the challenge with a strong and enthusiastic team.Artie and his team have had some great success over the years raising over $38,500 so far.
Artie has a very special connection to Cerebral Palsy Alliance with his little girl Eva using the services provided since she was a newborn.

Eva had a stroke when she was just ten days old. For 24 hours Artie and his wife Stacey sat waiting to see what would happen. They were told that Eva would never walk or talk due to the damage that had been made.

Despite the odds, Eva has proven everyone wrong walking, talking and even attending school!

Artie, do you have the same comrades joining your team each year? 

The first 2 years it was the four partners in the business, but 2016 saw us add an additional team of staff kids! Little Junior Link’s! 

What made you choose to take part in Steptember vs another fundraiser?

I get to see first hand the difference the donations can make to peoples lives and it is important for us to support the Cerebral Palsy Alliance who have done so much for Eva and the family.  

What are some of the things you and your team do to help raise funds? 

 A lot of emails to be honest and keeping our clients and friends updated via Facebook and LinkedIn and social media in general. It’s a great tool.

What’s the competition like within the team/organisation? 

There’s always a bit of healthy competition in both the fund raising and the steps, but Jeff is very hard to beat on the steps! He’s had days where he has cracked 50,000! 

If you could give someone one piece of advice on taking part, what would it be?

Just do it! It’s a great cause and actually sets you up fitness wise for the summer ahead. It gets you into good habits, like walking to the shops or the post office when you’d normally just jump in the car and getting out for an early morning walk.