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Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) wouldn't be able to help people with cerebral palsy to live their best lives, without the support of generous fundraisers like you.

STEP UP and do something great for your personal well-being, connect with a passionate community of STEPpers, and fundraise to help people with cerebral palsy continue to lead full and independent lives.

Meet who you're stepping with

Meet some incredible children and adults with cerebral palsy, and your official Trainers for STEPtember 2023! 

Chanel is an absolute superstar, nothing can stop her.
After sustaining brain damage within 2 weeks of birth, Chanel was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia.
Now at 11 years old, Chanel is always on the move - she loves to go bowling, the movie, shopping, hanging out with her family and going on vacations! But most of all, Chanel loves to be herself.
Chanel has big dreams to be a singer, be on broadway and to walk. She is thrilled to be by your side as one of your STEPtember Trainers.
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Nic is back for his second year as your STEPtember Trainer! He’s ready to motivate you to never give up – just like him.
Nic was born fifteen weeks premature, weighing only 800 grams, with only a five percent chance of survival. He spent the first four months of his life in ICU, mostly on life support, but he never gave up.
He began therapy with Cerebral Palsy Alliance after he was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia. CPA was a lifeline for his family and are still a huge support.
Now 24 years old, Nic is a charismatic young man who loves boxing, going to NRL games, hanging out with his friends and family, and having a nice meal to eat!
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Meet Tilly! This is Tilly's first year as a STEPtember trainer, and she is so excited to support you this STEPtember. Tilly is 9 years old, and as well as being a little bookworm, frame runner, and swimmer- she also lives with cerebral palsy. She is the middle child- and according to her Mum Jo, really lives up to it!
Tilly was born with congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV). After missed milestones from the age of 5 months, Tilly's family was given the diagnosis of Spastic Diplegic CP around her first birthday. 
As she has gotten older, Tilly has been introduced to the wonderful world of Frame Running, with her “CP Girl Gang”, all with walkers and sticks and wheelchairs. 
Join “Team Tilly” and STEP in honour of Tilly, and the thousands of other people living with CP!
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Moses is fun, adventurous, kind and wild at heart. He’s done it all – and can now tick ‘STEPtember Trainer’ off his list too.
When Moses was born, things didn’t quite go as expected and he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy athetoid, which affects his arms and legs. But this hasn’t stopped this adventurous 22-year-old from living life to the fullest. Moses has parasailed, gone shark cage diving, jet skiing, snorkelling, sailing…the list goes on!
And he has done this with his two biggest cheerleaders by his side – his younger brothers, Aramis and Noah. This trio and their mother Renee are the epitome of “stronger together” and are guaranteed to get you moving this STEPtember.
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Do these stories motivate you to get moving for people with cerebral palsy?

How you've stepped up

For over a decade, your fundraising has driven international research into the prevention, treatment and cure of cerebral palsy.


Granted to CP research


Research Grants

Your continued support ensures people living with cerebral palsy can benefit from ongoing research and have access to advancing technology and services, no matter where they’re located.

Chanel in wheelchair at the park with her Mum and 2 adults smiling.

What we do

CPA supports over 7,900 clients and their families to achieve mobility, communication, independence and community inclusion. Our services include:
Office building
Access to our therapy, telepractice and support centres.
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Early diagnosis and intervention for babies with cerebral palsy.
Delivery of therapy to children and families in rural and regional areas.
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Technology and equipment to assist communication, mobility, health, inclusion and independence.

Our biggest achievements

We now know that cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the developing brain, which can result from genetic factors or prematurity. With this knowledge, we’ve been able to make some truly incredible achievements:
a heart with an heart rate pattern in it
Rate of cerebral palsy in Australia has dropped from 1 in 400 to 1 in 700 births.
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Average age of diagnosis was previously 19 months, however it’s now possible to diagnosis babies at just 12 weeks.
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Now, with the introduction of cooling and magnesium sulphate around the time of birth, we can prevent and reduce the severity of cerebral palsy.

Projects supported by steptember

We couldn't do what we do without the generous support of fundraisers like you. Find out what you are fundraising for.


A child sitting on a hospital bed

In 2005 Cerebral Palsy Alliance established a Research Foundation to fund Australian and international cerebral palsy research.

Current cerebral palsy research priorities include early diagnosis and intervention, epidemiology, technology and regenerative medicine.

The rate of cerebral palsy in Australia has fallen by an astonishing 30% since the Foundation was established. This, along with other research achievements, has been made possible thanks to the support from our amazing fundraisers and donors.

Register your interest for STEPtember today and your fundraising will help to create a positive impact for Australians living with cerebral palsy.


Babies at risk therapy program - from 3 months of age

A baby lying in a hospital cot

The first five years of a child's life are critical for their brain's development. The earlier therapy can begin, the more time the brain will have to rewire, relearn and strengthen important connections.

Without the Babies at Risk program, babies without a cerebral palsy diagnosis can wait months to receive support. This means they can miss the critical window of opportunity to take advantage of the brain's neuroplasticity.

With funds raised from STEPtember, we can ensure babies at risk of cerebral palsy are given the very best start to life.



an wheelchair user with a VR set on with other people around him

Remarkable is the world’s longest-running accelerator for start-ups designing assistive technology to benefit the needs of people with disability. With your support, Remarkable can continue to accelerate creative technologies to enable people with disability to fully participate in everyday community life, education and meaningful employment.


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