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Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) wouldn't be able to support people with cerebral palsy to live their best lives, without the generosity of fundraisers like you.

STEP UP and do something great for your personal well-being, connect with a passionate community of STEPpers, and fundraise to support people with cerebral palsy continue to lead full and independent lives.

meet your steptember trainers

Meet some incredible children and adults with cerebral palsy and who you're STEPping up with in 2024!

Trainer Leon


Trainer Sophie


Trainer Cooper


Trainer Aaryan


Trainer Tilly




Leon flying paper plane

Leon is the youngest of our Trainers, but at 7 years old, he sure is mighty! 

Leon is a smart, kind and fun kid who loves his family, friends, bike riding, playing and is an excellent paper aeroplane thrower!

Leading up to his diagnosis, his parents noticed his head was quite large, and after checking with Leon's grandfather who's a doctor, they were recommended to see a paediatrician immediately. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition where fluid builds up in the brain because it can't flow out properly. He needed immediate brain surgery to insert a shunt to regulate the fluid.

4-5 brain surgeries resulted in Leon having hemiplegia, limiting his mobility on his left side and at 6 months old, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

With extensive therapy at Cerebral Palsy Alliance, followed by continual support over the years, Leon brings so much joy, giggles and fun to STEPtember.

STEP up with Leon for cerebral palsy.


Sophie may just be our future Prime Minister...

Sophie is an incredibly driven and hardworking 25-year-old, making waves with her work in disability and inclusion advocacy, particularly in the space of education at the moment.

Sophie was born at just 31 weeks weighing only 1.1kg, due to her Mum having preeclampsia. As a newborn, she got a blood infection that was found to be PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia) that kept her in ICU for several weeks. She received Early Intervention Therapy from Cerebral Palsy Alliance where she received the correct care and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

She loves her 2 dogs, Callie and Archie, hanging with her friends and family and is going to be a great educator this STEPtember.

STEP up with Sophie for cerebral palsy.


Sophie in wheelchair with 2 dogs



Cooper Djing

Cooper aka DJ Cooper is the coolest 19-year-old who will keep the vibes high with awesome playlists to get us all through the challenge!

Cooper has dystonic quadriplegia type of cerebral palsy due to a lack of oxygen at birth. His cerebral palsy affects his movement, muscles and speech, but certainly not his musical skills and fun nature!

He's simply unstoppable. He loves DJ'ing, boxing, his epic home gym set up and his work as an accessibility consultant for the City of Melbourne.

His incredible drive and fun-loving energy is powerful to be around and will be a great motivator.

STEP up with Cooper for cerebral palsy.


Aaryan has done more in his 22 years than most! Aaryan is a Professional Boccia player who has competed not only in Australia, but internationally as well. 

From what Aaryan understands, his cerebral palsy was diagnosed at birth, due to the umbilical cord being twisted around his neck, affecting his left limbs (making them shorter than his right) and causing spasticity and tightness. He feels very lucky to that he was not impaired cognitively and especially grateful for his speech. 

Aaryan doesn't let his cerebral palsy get in the way of anything. He loves to swim and keep fit, is currently studying a Bachelor in Psychology, is a radio presenter at Triple H FM and has a fabulous sense of humour.

Next stop, the Paralympics 2028. 

STEP up with Aaryan for cerebral palsy!


Aaryan playing boccia



Tilly with her arms in the air celebrating
Tilly is your 'Comeback Champ', here to cheer you on again this year. Tilly is 10 years old, and as well as being a little bookworm, frame runner, and swimmer - she also has cerebral palsy. She is the middle child- and according to her Mum Jo, really lives up to it!

Tilly was born with congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV). After missed milestones from the age of 5 months, Tilly's family was given the diagnosis of Spastic Diplegic cerebral palsy around her first birthday.

Tilly has been introduced to the wonderful world of Frame Running, with her “CP Girl Gang”, all with walkers and sticks and wheelchairs.

A huge milestone since 2023, is that Tilly hit 15 independent steps (with a previous record of 3)!

STEP up with Tilly for cerebral palsy!


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