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Steptember 2019 has finished! A huge thank you to everyone who took part in moving 10,000 steps a day (or equivalent) for 28 days during September, and for raising much needed funds for people living with cerebral palsy.

You can now register your interest for Steptember 2020 today.

For company pre-registration

You can get in touch with our friendly Steptember corporate team by pre-registering here.

How it works

We'll give you a pedometer that you can wear throughout the challenge. Step any way you like! Dance, run, wheel, surf, swim..

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  1. Jul 2019 1st

    Get your friends together and register a team.

  2. Sept 2019 3rd

    Enter your steps daily and be entertained by the virtual journey you and your team will undertake.

  3. Sept 2019 30th

    Feel great knowing that you have changed your own life for the better as well as making a huge difference to children living with cerebral palsy.

  1. Choose three friends and register your team.

  2. Wait by the mailbox for your pedometer and Steptember kit to arrive.

  3. Highlight 3 September  30 September 2019 and start planning how to get the most steps into your day, and make the most of the fundraising tools provided.


For people living with cerebral palsy

Taking 10,000 steps a day is one heck of a challenge! But every step will be made easier knowing it's all for a very worthy cause. Every dollar you raise will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy. Or choose to raise funds for groundbreaking research into the prevention and maybe even one day a cure for CP.

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Count on us

As the exclusive global partner of Steptember, Goodman is committed to helping raise $6 million for cerebral palsy charities. Money that will go towards providing life-changing research, therapy and equipment for kids and adults with cerebral palsy. Can we count you in?

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Reach Your Goal

Playing sports is a great way to reach your daily goal. Don't forget to ask people to sponsor you. 

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Get Your Friends Involved

Steptember is about stepping up, feeling great, and supporting people with CP. Ask your friends to join you. 

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Count Your Steps

When you register for Steptember, you receive an optional pedometer to help you reach your goal. 

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Get your workplace involved

Steptember will motivate your employees to be more active, more engaged and provides a ready made team building activity for organisations large and small. Thousands of employees around the world are already doing it - don't get left behind.

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Know someone stepping?

Make every step count. By sponsoring a friend, family member or colleague who is participating in Steptember you will be making an enormous difference to the lives of children living with cerebral palsy. Not to mention the difference you will make to your friend who is doing all the hard work. Did you know the average office worker only does 3,000 steps per day? Your friend has stepped up to the challenge of 10,000 steps per day!

Support a friend