Andrew Brickwood

For people living with cerebral palsy.

Taking 10,000 steps a day is one heck of a challenge! But every step will be made easier knowing it's all for a very worthy cause. Every dollar I raise will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy. Please help me support this great cause!

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Thank you to my Sponsors

19 Sep 2020

Caroline Raguz donated $40.00

Sensational initiative Andrew! Such a worthy cause and what a great motivator to get moving.
18 Sep 2020

Jennifer Yong donated $32.14

All the best for achieving your steps :)
18 Sep 2020

Michelle Dritmanis donated $25.88

Great cause Andrew good on you!
17 Sep 2020

Rob Mullett donated $60.03

Great effort and great cause - Keep those steps up!
17 Sep 2020

Peter Hallam donated $31.05

17 Sep 2020

Shelan Lockwood donated $60.03

Great cause Andrew! I'm here again to support you and leverage Goodmans call out to match $ for $ for any donations made today
17 Sep 2020

Daniel Minichiello donated $31.05

well done.
17 Sep 2020

Cameron Hartmann donated $25.88

01 Sep 2020

Richard Fischer donated $165.60

Good on you AB smash out those steps!
31 Aug 2020

Derek Nash donated $60.03

Worthy cause and all the best
30 Aug 2020

Robyn And Ken Baker donated $515.00

Good luck with that
29 Aug 2020

Gary Evans donated $165.60

I’ll have the oxygen ready
27 Aug 2020

Nathan Browning donated $31.05

25 Aug 2020

Yvonne Butler donated $31.05

great cause good luck
25 Aug 2020

Shelan Lockwood donated $25.88

24 Aug 2020

Jess Dunn donated $60.03

Such a great cause! Now to start hitting those steps! Good Luck :)
24 Aug 2020

Stewart Smith donated $51.75

great cause AB and make sure you hit your 10,000 steps everyday!
24 Aug 2020

Macca donated $51.75

Great cause AB. Happy to contribute.
24 Aug 2020

Charlotte Richmond donated $60.03

Best of luck Andrew A great cause
24 Aug 2020

Paul Ferrero donated $60.03

Great cause and good on you for doing this
24 Aug 2020

Drew Butler donated $60.03

Great cause. very close to my heart. Good luck!
24 Aug 2020

Leah Brueser donated $60.03

best of luck Andrew. 10k steps can be a challenge each day but it is a good challenge for your health, mind & body. Plus all for a good cause.
24 Aug 2020

Adam Priest donated $51.75

Awesome work Andrew! I am sure you will smash out those steps and its for a great cause!
24 Aug 2020

Gloria Liu donated $60.03

Its a great cause. Thank you.
21 Aug 2020

Steve Manning donated $25.88

Great stuff Andrew, what a great cause!!