Edward Baral

Walking for Russell - 50+ years and still going strong!

In 1971, when my grandfather, Russell Whitmont OBE, lined up and the start of the very first City to Surf fun run, he could not have imagined that he he starting a fundraising tradition that would continue over 50 years later!

In 1971 and for just over the next 25 years, Pappa wrote to friends and family seeking sponsorship of his run in support of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (then called the Spastic Centre of NSW).  I had the privilege of accompanying Pappa for his last 10 City to Surf runs and when he could run no more, he asked if I would take over from  him and continue raising much needed funds for this wonderful cause.  

My grandfather was one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet.  Figuratively, I strive to follow in his footsteps so there was no way that I would pass up the opportunity to do so literally!  

A few years ago I transferred the fundraising event to Steptember and together we have raised closed to $150, 000 and have never missed a year since his first run in 1971.

This year, as with the last few years, I will be joined by my wife Hayley and children, Harry & Lee and together we are targeting 1, 200, 000 steps between us.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Stephen Goldring

Ran in the first.one of our directors was a “Spastic Center” director ran and raised about $500. A hard ran as had won a rugby grand final the day before.


Austin Cheung


Alicia Tripodi

Keeping the tradition alive!!


Neryl Simpson

Well done Edward!


Troy Swan

Great cause and amazing effort over the years. Well done.


Melissa And Randolph


Karni Daniel


Jen Neech

You guys are awesome! Happy stepping 👏🏼


Jo Wear

Great cause and great effort. I'm sure your grandfather is very proud


Gurdip Reel

Keep the flag flying High!


Lucy Hegarty

This is a wonderful tradition that you are continuing - walk well :-)


Chris Carroll

Great effort and great cause.


Veronica Anderson

Edward, wish you good luck for a truly great cause and all the best for the City to Surf fun run.


Brian Hagen

Go Edward and family, continuing the legacy!


Leslie Dawson

Such a good cause and an amazing effort. Good luck with your goal!


Keith Thom

Just to get you there….


Deborah Cohen

Well done to you all. Russell would be happy. xx



Love that you continue this tradition!



good on you Edward and All. RJW will be smiling


Renate Kanitz-birnbaum


Tal Etc… Kaplan


Christine Tecson

Great work Ed! :)


Matt Lawton

Well done!



Well done Edward. Such a great initiative and memories.


Garry Browne

Well done Edward. Such a great initiative and memories.


Yadida & Kevin Sekel

Keep it up! Kol HaK'vod!


Zoe Chernih


Jono Herrman & Mironne Golan

See you on the track! Jono


Steph Hall

Fantastic initiative Ed! Happy stepping.


Gabi Timm

Mazal tov on 50 years of giving to others - Russ would be so proud!!


Jonathan Bruce Armstrong

Lovely to see you keeping this tradition alive - a wonderful way to honour the memory of a wonderful man. I don't feel like you should have to contribute to your own charity so I've matched your own contribution and then contributed the same again for myself.


Terry Mcgregor

Great cause Ed!


Nizar Chatti

Well done Ed, great cause. Hope the weather will be good for this great event.


Mike Bolt

Good cause...good luck Mike


Toni Whitmont

Such a wonderful tradition Edward. Lovely to see it flow through to the next generation as well.


Edward Baral