Gwen Barbour

For people living with cerebral palsy.

Taking 10,000 steps a day is one heck of a challenge! But every step will be made easier knowing it's all for a very worthy cause. Every dollar I raise will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy. Please help me support this great cause!

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Thank you to my Sponsors

30 Sep 2021

Kathy Heath donated $51.75

Congratulations Gwen !! Well done for such a worthwhile cause. Thank you for my lights. Your the best !!!
29 Sep 2021

Jock donated $50.00

Good on you Gwen.
21 Sep 2021

Russell Morris donated $144.90

You go girl...💰💰💰
20 Sep 2021

Jay donated $103.50

Well Done Mum!! Absolutely smashing it
20 Sep 2021

Ravi Ups donated $5.00

Well done Gwen
17 Sep 2021

Adam Henshall donated $103.50

Well done
16 Sep 2021

Ruth Stuart donated $62.10

Great work Gwen it's a good course
10 Sep 2021

Jarryd Churcher donated $103.50

Kill it Gwen!! - J&S xx
08 Sep 2021

Dennis Quirk donated $51.75

Go Gwen
07 Sep 2021

Dan Colley donated $20.70

Go Gwen
07 Sep 2021

Rocco K donated $103.50

Rock it girl!!
03 Sep 2021

Ray Keeler donated $103.50

You go girl
30 Aug 2021

Ty - Mode Auto Concepts donated $51.75

Go Gwen!
30 Aug 2021

Elizabeth Treschman donated $20.70

Go girl
30 Aug 2021

Future Aim donated $51.75

Wishing you all the best
27 Aug 2021

Maried Nolan donated $20.00

Good luck Gwen. Keep achieving.
23 Aug 2021

Kay Colley donated $60.00

Good luck sister. Get stepping.
22 Aug 2021

Tammie Davis donated $60.00

Good on you Gwen!
18 Aug 2021

Rachel Gray donated $10.35

Thanks for your help today. Happy stepping
18 Aug 2021

Self Donation Dollar Match Day donated $103.50

18 Aug 2021

Gwen Barbour donated $103.50

13 Aug 2021

Luis Aleixo donated $62.10

All the best Gwen... fantastic work that you are doing for this great cause and also your great work that you do at Storage King... Shall their be more Gwens at Storage King locations .... great for the Storage King business and great for causes like this.... You are a Gem.
06 Aug 2021

Scott Jenkinson donated $269.10

Hi Gwen. Not sure if u need to let Sharon know u are beating her ?
04 Aug 2021

John Luke donated $144.90

Keep stepping Gwen!!!!
01 Aug 2021

Confined Space Hire Services donated $265.00

Keep up the great work Gwen - you are amazing :)
29 Jul 2021

Safety And Fire Experts Pty Ltd donated $103.50

Hey Gwen, Great cause! Good luck and hope this donation helps you reach your target.
24 Jul 2021

Ross Mensforth donated $50.00

Good work Gwen great cause!