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For people living with cerebral palsy.

Taking 10,000 steps a day is one heck of a challenge! But every step will be made easier knowing it's all for a very worthy cause. Every dollar I raise will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy as well as further research and innovative technology. Please help me support this great cause!


Day 25 - 1610kms cycled

Monday 26th Sep

All - you are probably wondering why I've campaigned? It's because you should never be afraid to show what you stand for, and be prepared to advocate for it. By and large, everybody who is connected to me is someone that I know personally.

I'd like you to consider donating if you haven't already. It doesn't matter whether it's $5, $10 or $5,000. Every. Dollar. Counts.

I've been hard at it, cycling this month further faster than I've ever cycled before. My month's target was 1500kms. I've beaten that. I'm now shooting for 2000kms, and I'm on 1610kms going into tonight's cycle. Every km I cycle will mean that much more if I can get you to chip in.

So please, do consider it one last time. Stepping for Cerebral Palsy in September is almost over. But your donation may make a lifetime of difference to the pursuit of finding a cure.

Thanks in advance, please donate using the link:


Day 20

Wednesday 21st Sep
Sorry I'm late in posting - cycling of an evening can run a little late, I've been hitting the bike after dinner and kids, and often finishing after midnight. So, I'm 20 days in, 1200kms cycled, and looking at a target of 1500kms for the month... but, here's the deal - currently I've raised $183 of my $250 target. If I can get sponsors to chip in and reach $500 or more raised <drum roll> I'll go for 2000km for Steptember. If total donations go over $600, I'll even put up a picture of me on the exercise bike... with our cat!! Come on then, dig deep, and make my dog jealous while supporting a worthy cause.

Day 15

Thursday 15th Sep
As promised, back at Day 15 for an update. Many thanks to the folks that have donated +$180 to my appeal for Steptember - if you've been thinking about donating - get off your bike, open your wallet and any contribution would be welcome. Speaking of bikes, my journey on the exercise bike for the Cerebral Palsy campaign continues, and I've just finished a 75kms bike ride, bringing my overall mileage for the month to 900kms. It's further faster than I've ever managed before, as my previous best was 1000km in 25 days. If you think that's amazing, I'll think you're even more amazing if you put some of your hard earned towards this worthy cause. I'll be back with another update on Day 20.

Support crew

Sunday 11th Sep
Those many hours on the bike are made a little easier when you have a good support crew

Day 10

Saturday 10th Sep
As promised, back with an update for Day 10. Cumulatively I'm now at 600kms and thinking about doing a few more kms this weekend (50kms today so far). In awesome news, through the kindness of sponsors, my initial fundraising target of $100 has been met, so I've reset the target for $250, and there's plenty time left in the month to meet this target, and then some. Thanks for reading, and considering donating to this worthy cause - I'll be aiming to keep punching out the kms on the bike, and I'll be back with another update on Day 15.

Day 5

Monday 5th Sep
50,000 steps per day seems like a lot, but in truth, it's the maximum I'm allowed to record. I'm achieving this using an exercise bike, and so far, I've cycled 300km since 1 September, and I'm counting 1 step = 1 metre cycled, thus 1km = 1,000 steps. It's not easy riding this far, this frequently, but then again, it'd be even harder to live with cerebral palsy. If my cycling and my team mates individual step counts inspire you to donate to cerebral palsy research, then every step we've taken will be worth it. I'll check in with another post on Day 10.

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Good luck!! Love Harry



Good work James keep me posted with progress


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