Kelly Maina

For Bridget

 Bridget is 7-years old and has Bilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy and Autism.  Her best friend is her sausage dog ‘Clifford’, and she loves running around and drawing colourful pictures.

When I look at old photos and videos, I can see how dramatically her level of function has improved.  She surpassed all of the predictions and expectations of her doctors.  She was diagnosed with CP before age one and has endured hundreds of hours of therapy and doctor’s appointments, many invasive therapies, pain, tiredness, bullying for being different, and hours and hours of therapy at home.  When it comes to physical challenges and hard work, Bridget has the confidence, fortitude and ‘never say die’ attitude of a true hero.  But a winning attitude will only take you so far, kids with CP need access to the most advanced therapies and equipment, and inclusive schools and communities to thrive.

Cerebral Palsy alliance supports and conducts research and development into assistive technologies and therapeutic techniques that improve outcomes for kids like Bridget, and they advocate for children with CP to fully participate in their social worlds. 

Please help me raise much needed funds to support my Goddaughter Bridget and all of the kids with CP in Steptember 2020. I held her mums hand when she was born, and now I  hold Bridget in my heart, (and my pedometer) now.

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13 Aug 2020

Thank you to my Sponsors

17 Sep 2020

Goodman Matched Giving donated $33.12

17 Sep 2020

Anonymous donated $33.12

04 Sep 2020

Charmaine Baird donated $20.70

Great job, proud of you xx
04 Sep 2020

Jayne Harris donated $30.00

Well done Kelly x
04 Sep 2020

Stacey Harris donated $20.70

good luck Kelly, happy to be a walking buddy too 😊
26 Aug 2020

Stephanie donated $20.70

21 Aug 2020

Kendra Watkins donated $20.70

Great job Kelly... if you need a walking buddy you know how to find me😁👏👏
20 Aug 2020

Luke Jensen donated $20.70

Great Work!!!
19 Aug 2020

Kate Kleinschmidt donated $20.70

fantastic work :)
19 Aug 2020

Ben Snook donated $20.70

Great work Kelly
19 Aug 2020

Kerrie donated $60.03

Wonderful Kelly
19 Aug 2020

Rose Jarvis donated $21.42

What a great thing to do, Kelly! Happy walking :)
19 Aug 2020

Edward Vidot donated $60.03

What a fantastic cause Kelly! Good luck in reaching your goal.
18 Aug 2020

Paula Short donated $60.03

Awesome Kel x x x
18 Aug 2020

Socheata Sokhom donated $20.70

Keep it up Kelly!
18 Aug 2020

Goodman Matched Giving donated $20.70

18 Aug 2020

Kelly Maina donated $20.70