Maryvonne Stone

For people living with cerebral palsy.

Taking 10,000 steps a day is one heck of a challenge! But every step will be made easier knowing it's all for a very worthy cause. Every dollar I raise will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy. Please help me support this great cause!

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12 Sep 2021
Hi Everyone!
Looking for your support for Steptember. It's a great cause and would love you to be a part of this fundraising effort.

Thank you to my Sponsors

25 Sep 2021

Wayne Bryce donated $100.00

Yvonne, your generous spirit towards caring for not only your family, friends and others who live with physical challenges living with cerebral palsy, is a reflection of how your core values are revealed in acts of compassion, humanity and dignity. You model the finest qualities of human kindness. Be proud.!
23 Sep 2021

Anonymous donated $64.17

19 Sep 2021

Sarojini donated $20.70

Good on ya babe
07 Sep 2021

Lyndal Dornan donated $10.35

07 Sep 2021

Robyn Betland donated $25.88

Keep on stepping! :)
07 Sep 2021

Chloe Ross donated $5.18

You Go, Girls!!!
07 Sep 2021

Anonymous donated $62.10

06 Sep 2021

Marianne Price donated $25.88

03 Sep 2021

Anonymous donated $51.75

30 Aug 2021

Megan De Haan donated $10.35

Great work Yvonne!
22 Jul 2021

Maryvonne Stone donated $25.88