Steps for Cohen

STEPtember 22

For people living with cerebral palsy.

We’re taking part in STEPtember to raise money to support people living with cerebral palsy. Support our STEPtember challenge by donating today. Together, we can make a real difference – one step at a time!

Team Updates

Thank you to our Sponsors

25 Jul 2022

Jude Byers donated $103.50

Stepping out for a great cause!! Well done, Shai!
27 Jul 2022

Katie Wilmot donated $53.82

Such a great cause! Thank you for sharing this very personal and touching story. All the best for Cohen and you - such a beautiful bond!
25 Jul 2022

Savita Udadar donated $52.00

Wish you all the very best Shai and Cohen, I hope you will raise the much needed funds for this Cause and be amazing siblings like you sound! Savita
26 Jul 2022

Dani Mcdonald donated $52.00

Great work Shai
25 Jul 2022

Gabe Paquola donated $51.75

Such a great cause, great work Shai.
25 Jul 2022

Nina Ross donated $51.75

What a beautiful and incredibly special connection you two have! Lots of love, Nina and Isaac
03 Aug 2022

Alex Maddox donated $51.75

Thank you for sharing your story Shai, good luck for the hitting your goal, from Alex, Teddy,Megan & Lachlan
28 Jul 2022

Liam O Loughlin donated $31.05

Thanks for sharing your story and we wish you and Cohen the best of luck
03 Aug 2022

Heidi Cherry donated $31.05

25 Jul 2022

Brigitte Read donated $23.81

Such an incredible cause. Thank you for sharing your incredible and touching story. All the best from Rosie and her family.
25 Jul 2022

Shai donated $20.70

25 Jul 2022

Marissa Rundle donated $20.70

With love from Poppy M.
27 Jul 2022

Bronwyn Kirby donated $20.70

Good luck!
27 Jul 2022

Alyssia Morison donated $20.70

10 Aug 2022

Louisa Quilter donated $20.70

Xx from Hazel G
28 Jul 2022

Makenzie And Madellyn donated $15.53