Team Bonnie

STEPtember 23

Our diagnosis

I didn’t know much about Cerebral Palsy when Bonnie was diagnosed. It was the 3rd April, we were at Sydney children’s hospital in Randwick.

The appointment took about an hour and the team did lots of physical tests on Bonnie and then all left the room.

When they returned they told us she had Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. 

And so the journey starts..

Team Updates

Thank You

Hey all, 
I just wanted to say thank you…. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

We’re blown away with your generous donations, and now Bonnie can give back what we received and more! 

I’m also proud to be able to support those who will need the Cerebral Palsy Alliance in the future. Thank you for making this possible for them. 

We couldn’t get a good photo yesterday at the beach- so this is the best out of about 300


Hi gang, 
So I just wanted to let you know we’ve been pounding the pavement for STEPtember!!!

Our goal was $500 to begin with and we have nearly raised 8 times that amount! I can’t believe the support! Thank you 💛

The CPA early diagnosis clinic provided therapy free of charge while Bonnie was waiting for her NDIS funding to come through as well as supplied us with funded equipment to help her with development. This equipment is thousands of dollars! 
I’m so proud to be giving back what we have been given and even prouder of my community for helping us do so! 

We love you guys!

PS Bonnie is nailing therapy at the moment and has come a long way in the last week or two!

Diagnosis update

On top of Bons cerebral palsy she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition on Wednesday. So rare it doesn’t even have a name. 
Doctors don’t know much so we’re ignoring stats around it and will carve our own path.

It’s been a rough road so far but one we are taking full steam ahead.. 

If you haven’t met Bonnie, she is just wonderful🥰… Happy and determined! She loves her big sister Kirby, her big brother buddy (our dog), her best friends Zara and Joni, giraffes, kiwi fruit and Eskimo kisses.

Thank you to our Sponsors

25 Sep 2023

Tom, Maddy, Olive. Treloar donated $520.00

Love to you all!
25 Sep 2023

Mobile Dental Clinics Australia donated $263.75

We’re with you beautiful Bonnie. Love Glenn & Caroline, Stephen and Rita and the staff of MDCA
18 Aug 2023

Rochelle Pitt donated $234.21

Team Bonnie Bear
18 Aug 2023

Kate Killey donated $211.00

My Girls love you all! Little Bon Bon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love Aunty Kate x
21 Aug 2023

Hannah Gold donated $158.25

21 Aug 2023

Lisa Morgan donated $158.25

Sending you all lots of ❤️ and strength. Bonnie is very lucky to have you guys in her life xxx
25 Sep 2023

Alex Bastian donated $151.00

Sending all our love!! xx
26 Sep 2023

Katherine Maitland donated $113.40

Go team Bonnie!
12 Sep 2023

Lynda Van Adrighem donated $110.78

Go team Bonnie ❤️
21 Aug 2023

Maddie Mcfarlane donated $110.78

Big love to you Jac and sweet Bon xx
19 Aug 2023

Mickey And Kat Maliniak donated $110.78

Go team Bonnie! Sending all our love xxx
22 Aug 2023

Angela Lower donated $110.78

Sending love to you and your beautiful little Bonnie !! XX
28 Aug 2023

Julia & Tom Haylock donated $110.78

Go team Bonnie! Sending you so much love xx
05 Sep 2023

Carla Riccobon donated $110.78

Go Team Bonnie! xx
15 Sep 2023

Helen Excell donated $110.78

Get going Jac and Prue. All the best especially for beautiful baby Bonnie
18 Aug 2023

Rachel Kurenda donated $110.78

Go Jac and Prue! Lots of love 💕
18 Aug 2023

Kelly And Tom Booth donated $110.78

25 Sep 2023

Lyn Carman donated $109.72

Loved meeting Bonnie on the weekend and seeing her beautiful happy smile. Thanks for the opportunity to support.
27 Sep 2023

Roman, Elly & Doug Dalziel donated $106.00

🩷 Go team Bon Bon!!🩷
21 Aug 2023

Alana O’connor donated $106.00

You go girlfriends!
18 Aug 2023

Elysia Evers Wilson donated $105.50

21 Aug 2023

Jamie donated $105.50

20 Sep 2023

Penny Excell donated $105.50

20 Aug 2023

Kerryn Killey donated $105.50

There is an old song called“ A little ray of sunshine”. Very special, hold her close❤️K/K
21 Aug 2023

Milly And Will Brown donated $104.50

All my love to beautiful Bonnie xxxx
16 Aug 2023

Jacquie Biggar donated $101.00

18 Aug 2023

Danielle Mcgrath donated $101.00

Love you girls 🩷🥰
21 Aug 2023

Amelia Allan donated $100.00

18 Aug 2023

Gabi Szabo donated $100.00

With love, anything is possible 💛 you’re all so loved!
20 Aug 2023

Debbie Lang donated $100.00

20 Aug 2023

Jerri And Houli donated $100.00

With you guys and Bonnie every step of the way ❤️
26 Sep 2023

Kate And Aash Patel donated $100.00

25 Sep 2023

Gia Michelle Hogarth donated $75.96

Wishing you all the best Bonnie! You have the best mumma going around. x
15 Sep 2023

Prue Excell donated $75.96

19 Aug 2023

Angela Murray donated $75.96

Go Bonnie you have so much to do!
19 Aug 2023

Lucia & Matt Walsh donated $75.24

Way to go JB and Prue! Big love to you both and baby Bonnie 🩷
23 Aug 2023

Chloe Smith donated $72.00

Sending lots of love - you are amazing! x
21 Aug 2023

Natalie Cantell donated $52.75

25 Sep 2023

Sue Harwood donated $52.75

Go Team Bonnie!
25 Sep 2023

Huffy & Caitlin donated $52.75

Sending lots of love to you all xx
28 Aug 2023

Kyla Medlen donated $52.75

Sending all our love and best wishes. Love Kyla, Jarrad, Isabelle, Teddy and Richie x x
20 Aug 2023

Chelsea Millunchick donated $52.75

Love you girls! Team Bonnie all the way! 🙌🏻🫶🏻
21 Aug 2023

Sam Etchells donated $52.75

18 Aug 2023

Nanna donated $52.75

Through all walks of life, we will be behind every step! My three girls are special. I love you all. 💕💕
18 Aug 2023

Joanne Kountouri donated $52.75

Go team Bonnie! ❤️❤️❤️
18 Aug 2023

Jane Mcneil donated $52.75

Go Prue & Jac! Big love to you both & beautiful baby Bonnie. Xxx
18 Aug 2023

Bec Mckenzie donated $52.75

Go Prue and Jac! 🩷🩷
18 Aug 2023

Cate Behenna donated $52.75

Love you guys Xx
18 Aug 2023

Mcmahon Maryann And Danny donated $52.75

Sending beautiful Bonnie all our love 💗
18 Aug 2023

Catherine Middleton donated $52.75

Sending you lots of ❤️
18 Aug 2023

Louise Jackson donated $52.75

Go Team Bonnie, Jacqui & Prue, Luv you all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
18 Aug 2023

Anita Camporeale donated $52.75

21 Aug 2023

Jess Packer donated $52.75

Good luck girls. 💕 🤗
19 Aug 2023

Todd & Katie Jones donated $52.75

Go Girls! You’ve got this!💕
20 Aug 2023

Cat Parris donated $52.75

Lots of love to you, Jacquie and to your gorgeous little girl xx
20 Aug 2023

Joanna Iwaniw donated $52.75

Sending much love x
18 Aug 2023

Cecilia Bloom donated $52.00

Amazing girls. Proud of you all xxx
18 Aug 2023

Sarah Whelan donated $51.00

Always team Bonnie!!! 🩷🩷🩷
18 Aug 2023

Katie Bode donated $51.00

Sending you lots of love & support. Go team Bonnie 💓💓
18 Aug 2023

Natasha Hodgson donated $50.00

❤️ Love and strength to you and your beautiful girl 💪❤️
21 Aug 2023

Jarrod And Bianca donated $50.00

With you ever step of this incredible journey and looking forward to meeting beautiful Bonnie x
20 Aug 2023

Cathryn Carboon donated $50.00

Dear Jacqui and family and dear little Bonnie, thinking of you all and wishing you all a bright future. Go Team Bonnie!
18 Aug 2023

Shida Taheri donated $36.93

Z and I love Bonnie bear so much! She's going to smash all the huddles life is throwing at her! And we will be here for her every step of the way.
18 Aug 2023

Tabitha Acret donated $33.39

18 Aug 2023

Lucrezia Binetti donated $31.65

❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️sending lots of love
18 Aug 2023

Isobel & Lachie Jackman X donated $31.65

Go Team Bonnie ! We love you xx
19 Aug 2023

Luximi Sivabalan donated $26.38

Lots of love to you Jackie!Bon is lucky to have you as her mumma! ❤️ She sounds like a little fighter!
25 Sep 2023

Rachel Ballantyne donated $25.32

Team Bon-Bear 🧸❤️
21 Aug 2023

Ainsley donated $25.32

Sending love x
18 Aug 2023

Emily Fargher donated $21.10

18 Aug 2023

Emily Reinig donated $10.55

Amazing! Well done girls xx Em