STEPtember 22

For people living with cerebral palsy.

We’re taking part in STEPtember to raise money to support people living with cerebral palsy. Support our STEPtember challenge by donating today. Together, we can make a real difference – one step at a time!

Team Updates

Thank you to our Sponsors

29 Jul 2022

Simon Patterson donated $215.00

So proud of you. A great cause. Dad and Mum.
29 Jul 2022

Samantha Lennon donated $62.10

Amazing work Christie, such a big heart
27 Jul 2022

Christie Patterson donated $51.75

17 Aug 2022

Juliette Aumaitre donated $51.75

17 Aug 2022

Salesforce Self Donation Dollar Match Day donated $51.75

01 Aug 2022

Bryce Patterson donated $23.00