Your Side Australia

STEPtember 21

For people living with cerebral palsy.

With 36 people strong, full of grit, determination and a can-do attitude, please welcome the Your Stepasiders!

As a team of dedicated people from the Your Side DARTS and Social Support programs, the Your Step Asiders will do their very best to do physical activity every day to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Support our STEPtember challenge by donating today. Together, we can make a real difference – one step at a time!

Our Updates

Closing Ceremony - The results are in

With “We are the Champions” playing in the background, the Your STEPasiders logged into the closing ceremony on the very first day of October to celebrate their STEPtember achievements. And what champions they were!

Originally starting with the goal of $2500, the team smashed it, finished beyond strong and raised $4017! They also did double the amount of hours expected! That’s 968 hours over the month and over an hour of activity per team member per day! Congratulations Your STEPasiders!

It cannot be understated that the hard work they put in will have a great and positive impact for those living with Cerebral Palsy. We couldn’t be prouder of our clients pushing themselves for this cause. Thanks once again for your support.


Only halfway through the month and we have reached our fundraising goal! A BIG thank you to everyone's support and generosity.

The month is not over yet, and the team is going strong. Every dollar we raise for STEPtember Australia will provide vital equipment, therapy, and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy so we hope you can continue to support us.

Meet Venessa

"With gratitude as a fit and healthy woman, Stepping up to ‘STEPtember’ will be another step to enhance my determination to be as independent as possible so I can continue to live a fulfilling life. It is like an investment in my future quality of life. 

With a lot of support I managed to climb Mount Kosciusko in 2017. I recently found I was able to walk using a frame after several years not being able to. Hydrotherapy and fitness programs help me stay in shape and to stay on top. I love to do yoga and attend the gym as often as I can. This is just a taste of my interest and focus on physical health and fitness. 

With much appreciation, I have been well-supported by CPA Health and Wellbeing programs throughout my life. All my fitness goals benefit me from the moment I wake in the morning. Each time I transfer into bed, to a chair, shower or into the car I am grateful for this strength and ability. 

I don’t know where I would be if I could not have accessed these vital services. 

Bring on the challenge of ‘STEPtember’ and support me!!! Thank you" - Venessa Crane

Meet Sallyanne

"My name is Sallyanne, and I am with the DARTS group up for the STEPtember Challenge!  I have participated in Ten Pin Bowling, Sailability,  Yoga, and Disabled Surfing with DARTS.  I am also a keen swimmer.


I wanted to participate in this challenge to improve my fitness with all my friends who are doing it also.  If you can’t beat them join them!!!!" - Sallyanne

Disco Fever Opening Ceremony

Here’s another snap shot from the super fun and successful opening ceremony zoom disco to launch Your Side’s STEPtember challenge campaign!

Go Venessa!

Meet John

"I have been a client of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance since I was about 3 years old and went to school, worked there and still attend hydrotherapy or online exercises. STEPtember is a chance to show my support and to maintain my health and wellbeing. I have previously done STEPtember and am always up for a challenge." - John

Pictured: John playing chess with the Queen's Gambit set up and holiday in Thailand before COVID.

Bringing the dance moves!

Thank you to our Sponsors

08 Sep 2021

Rhonda H donated $258.75

Quack on and go :)
14 Sep 2021

Anonymous donated $258.75

Vanessa Crane - Well done.
30 Aug 2021

Simon Mcnamara donated $258.75

Do some steps for me please. I'll cheer you on with donuts in hand....
10 Sep 2021

Walker Family donated $258.75

08 Sep 2021

Danielle B donated $250.00

Your energy and enthusiasm in your disco video inspired me! Go team go!
31 Aug 2021

Crane Family donated $220.46

20 Sep 2021

Ellen Ash donated $207.00

20 Aug 2021

Abby Edwards donated $207.00

So proud of out YOUR StepaSIDERs raising money for a great cause. This will be fun! Ab x
30 Sep 2021

Robert Harvey donated $200.00

Great effort John
15 Sep 2021

Sonja Walters donated $155.25

17 Sep 2021

Jenifer Mackay donated $155.25

22 Sep 2021

Loren Lembke donated $114.89

These exercise sessions are very enjoyable - well done Venessa and everyone involved!
16 Sep 2021

Anonymous donated $111.89

A charity rasing money for another charity - especially in these challenging times. Thank you YourSide for the example you have given us. Maybewe can raise ourselves above the default negativity and whinging that comes from focussing on our own difficultiea and look to see if we might support others in pain. This is in celebration of freedom Venessa
12 Sep 2021

Rhonda Phillips donated $103.50

Donation made on behalf of Rhonda Phillips
01 Oct 2021

Anonymous donated $103.50

Fabulous to be a small part of this!
01 Oct 2021

James Jelly donated $103.50

For Rosa
01 Oct 2021

Michael William Hancock donated $103.50

Go Sallyanne we be cheering you along from all your night staff
08 Sep 2021

Marese Murray donated $103.50

Go Ness and go team!!
29 Sep 2021

Barbara Robertson donated $103.50

Money raised from Steptember $100.
22 Sep 2021

Les Heitter donated $103.50

11 Sep 2021

John Harvey donated $100.00

Support from a friend
08 Sep 2021

Peta, Mark, William & Anna donated $100.00

Step it up Auntie Lizzy! Best of luck from the Moults ❤️
02 Oct 2021

West Family donated $51.75

Well done Sallyanne !!!
08 Sep 2021

Linda Aiken donated $51.75

Great that you’re giving it a go. Go Sis go!!!
07 Sep 2021

Ian Thomas donated $51.75

Good on you Venessa 🦆
26 Sep 2021

Karen Collins donated $51.75

Keep those wheels rolling Sallyanne!
06 Oct 2021

Suzanne De Bellis donated $51.75

Well done on this fantastic result - great "stepping" from everyone and thank you John for sharing this with me. What a great team effort xoxo
21 Sep 2021

Deb Hallam donated $51.75

Part of Venessa Crane and YourSide's team
01 Sep 2021

Helen Howie donated $50.00

10 Sep 2021

Anonymous donated $46.58

30 Sep 2021

Sandra Hasenauer donated $31.05

Go John 😀
13 Sep 2021

Anonymous donated $31.05

07 Sep 2021

Jessica Wilkinson donated $31.05

Go Aunt Liz!! You can do it! 🙌🙌
07 Sep 2021

Helen Meillon donated $25.88

Thanks for the nudge Venessa!
08 Sep 2021

Lucinda Maloney donated $25.88

I saw this on the Specialised Wheelchair Co FB - I think you're amazing Venessa 💙 🦆
10 Sep 2021

Angelique Stap donated $25.88

30 Sep 2021

Joyce Anne Macphee donated $25.88

29 Sep 2021

Anonymous donated $20.70

21 Sep 2021

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