Caterpillar Squad 2023

STEPtember 23

For people living with cerebral palsy.

We're moving 10,000 steps per day - each! It'll be a challenge, but worth it knowing we're also fundraising to support people with cerebral palsy. We'd really appreciate if you could show us your support by donating today. 

Together, we can make a real difference – one move at a time!

Team Updates

Thank you to our Sponsors

11 Aug 2023

Alissa Patoulios donated $106.00

A brilliant cause and an organisation that is close to my heart.
11 Aug 2023

Andrew Buay donated $106.00

Thanks for supporting a great cause Jo.
13 Aug 2023

Aaas donated $51.00

Cheering you on Jo from the team at the AAAs
11 Aug 2023

Katie Keys donated $25.32

Go Jo!! You've got this.
16 Aug 2023

Carolyn donated $25.32

Great job Jo, you've got this!
11 Aug 2023

Jo Chalker donated $24.26

14 Aug 2023

Aileen donated $21.10

Good job, Jo! You can do it!
23 Aug 2023

Mathew Tourle donated $21.10

Good on you Jo! This is a fantastic cause, please pump out all those steps and be proud of the quality of life you can help improve.