Fiona Shepheard

For my brother

This year I am going to be taking part in Steptember in memory of my brother. Michael lived an incredibly full and meaningful life and did his best to live in a way where his disability did not define him. However for people living with a disability this can be incredibly challenging. There were times in Michael's life where he was deemed 'not disabled enough' to receive the support and assistance he needed but then at work he was paid at a lower rate than able bodied colleagues because it took him longer to perform his tasks. It would break my heart to see his frustration and self-doubt surface as he was compared and judged against what was considered the 'norm'. Society was quick to tell Michael what he couldn't do rather than focus on what he could. His resilience and perseverance was admirable and the passion and love he showed for what was meaningful to him was his superpower. If Michael loved you, you knew it, if he cared for you he showed you and if he believed in you he told you. With the right support and education, like the work performed by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, people with Cerebral Palsy can live fulfilled and meaningful lives and live in a way that is shaped by what they can do and not by what they can't. Every step I take in September will be for my brother, to celebrate his incredible life and to remember the loving, kind, generous and beautiful person that he was and the contribution he made to my life and to so many others.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ryan Shepheard

Every step for Michael has been with much love. You share his courage, determination, strength and generosity. Very inspiring journey; proud of you, sis. Ryan, Kate, Liam, Zoe and Madeleine.


Laura Iuliano

Lots of love xox


Manly Cricket Senior Playing Group

Congratulations on all that you are doing Fiona. A lovely tribute to Juice. We all miss him dearly.


Danielle Thomson

A beautiful tribute to a wonderful brother. Sending love.


Mel Foster


Neridah & Bill Bradstreet

Fiona well done, Michael would be so proud of you sending lots of love


Beccy Cummings

Great effort! Beccy xx


Sami And Matt

So proud of what you’re doing in memory of Michael xx


Shell Morgan & Family

What a wonderful cause in memory of Michael, he is an inspiration to us all xo


Sarah Thomas

Sending all our love xxx


Dad And Mum

Fiona we are so proud of what you are doing in Michael's memory. He would be humbled by what you are undertaking XX


Andrew John Fraser

Lovely words Fiona - we all miss him! x


Mark Mcinnes

Miss Michael believed in me, and I believe in you. Good luck Fiona


Manly Warringah District Cricket Club

Hi Fiona, Wonderful cause and tribute to Juice. From all his extended "family" here at Manly Cricket.


Ryan Farrell

Well done Fiona! We all miss him so much!


Mona Jamleoui

This is so beautiful Fiona and such a beautiful way to pay tribute to your brother x


Amy And Michael Bishop

Such an important cause and what a beautiful way to honour Michael. Big big love now and always xoxo


J. S.

My condolences to you and your family.


Jenny Turner

Well done Fiona.


Frankie Haines


Em & Kheng Ip


Will Gustafson

Amazing initiative for such an important cause. Juicey was so loved. All the best with the fundraising.


Simon Waddington


Kevin/rhonda Brindle


Joel Foster

Great initiative Fiona!


Shashi & Tom

A wonderful initiative Fi - good on you. Your brother sounds amazing, just like you!


Dinah Latreille

Lovely gesture Fiona - We know Michael was incredible and so loving


Adam Parkinson



Gem Bodill

What a beautiful tribute and for such a worthy cause.💗


Lynne Karnaghan

We were all lucky to have known Michael, he always had a big happy smile when ever you met him.


Ross Trewartha

Michael was much loved by us all and will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege to spend time with him.


Stephen O'keefe



Michael Osbourne

Great work Fiona!



Well done Fiona. Terrific cause and in memory of Michael, one of the absolute greats.



What a beautiful bond you have with your brother, thank you for sharing your family story. Your brother's legacy will surely inspire many others touched by cerebral palsy. Good on you Fi! With love, Maya


The Thurling Family

A wonderful initiative, and great way to keep his spirit living on. All the best.


Colleen And Malcolm

What a wonderful way to honour your brother.


Adam Crosthwaite

I loved Michael like a brother. I miss him. He changed my life for the better and I’ll never ever forget him. He had more passion than anyone I’ve ever met.



What a wonderful way to honour Michael. Thinking of you and your family.


Liz Smiles

Big love xx



Very proud of you, what a wonderful way to spread awareness and also honour Michael’s memory. Let’s book in a walk date to get those steps up together xxx


Jordana Fraser

Sending you love and the family love every day this Steptember


Aimee Meredith

Lots of love 💗


Miranda Galda

A beautiful way to remember Michael, sending my love




Fiona Shepheard