Grant Paterson

For people living with cerebral palsy.

This is my second year tackling this challenge for my son Xabian.

With the full understanding of the effort Xabian and others with Cerebral Palsy require in their day to day challenges, I've decided to once again run 10 kilometres a day to get my 10,000 steps up. Why? Because I've chosen to make this as difficult as possible and to push myself as Xabian does daily.

The way in which he regularly proves that hard work and determination can conquer life's challenges is also why I know I'll succeed. He is truly an inspiration. 💙

Every dollar I raise will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy as well as further research and innovative technology. Please help me support this great cause!


Final Day - Day 30

Friday 30th Sep
So happy to have completed running 300km's and achieving over 300,000 steps for such a great cause. It's an emotional end to the month of STEPtember, but the legs are happy to have a well deserved rest.

Day 29

Friday 30th Sep
1 to go!

Day 28

Wednesday 28th Sep
2 TO GO!!! 💙 💙

Day 27

Tuesday 27th Sep
3 to go

Day 26

Tuesday 27th Sep
4 to go

Day 25

Monday 26th Sep
Run along the water followed by a cold dip and then hot springs. 😁

Day 24

Sunday 25th Sep
Albert Park F1 GP track.

Day 23

Friday 23rd Sep
Hard run and the knees really didn't like it today but pushed through.

Day 22

Thursday 22nd Sep
Cracking day in Melbs to smash out another 10kms. All downhill from here if the legs can hold up......

Day 21

Thursday 22nd Sep
A midnight run to smash out another 10km. No rest for the wicked.

Day 20

Thursday 22nd Sep
Spit into 2 x 5km runs to get another 10km done. 10 days to go!

Day 19

Monday 19th Sep
Hard run today. Got there in the end...

Day 18

Monday 19th Sep
PB for this year. 💙

Day 17

Saturday 17th Sep
Another treadmill session done and dusted. Great day to be inside.

Fitness age.

Friday 16th Sep
8 days later and I've lowered my fitness age.😁 Now to get my muscles and joints to match my fitness age...... 🤔

Day 16

Friday 16th Sep
Back in Melbourne and great weather for a run around the burbs. On the downhill stretch. 😁

Day 15 (Half way)

Thursday 15th Sep
Half way point. Have run 150km to date. 😁 Another 150km to go for a great cause 💙

Day 14

Wednesday 14th Sep
The day before half way!

Day 13

Tuesday 13th Sep
Getting it done on a wet Perth morning.

Day 12

Monday 12th Sep
The legs appreciated the swims over the weekend and are adjusting well. 🦵🏻 🦵🏻 40% complete. Roll on day 15 - half way point. 💪

Day 11

Monday 12th Sep
Legs 11.... 🤭

Day 10

Monday 12th Sep
100km milestone. 1/3rd of tge way there!

Day 9

Monday 12th Sep
90km down, 100km milestone tomorrow. 😁

Day 8

Monday 12th Sep

Day 7

Wednesday 7th Sep
Happy with that! 😃

Day 7

Wednesday 7th Sep
First week done and dusted. Leg are getting used to the punishment. 💙

Day 6

Wednesday 7th Sep
20% completed. 60kms run, 240kms to go 😃

Day 5

Monday 5th Sep
Headed west for work and was hoping to find fresh legs on arrival. Unfortunately not, but got it done. The daily struggle is a humble reminder of the daily challenges people with CP face and continue to push through every day. 💙

Day 4

Sunday 4th Sep
What a difference 3 a stretch and a warm up makes. 15 minutes cool down coming right up and another magnesium bath tonight. 😁

Day 3

Saturday 3rd Sep
It hurt, but got it done. More stretching and warming up required before runs. 🥴

Day 2 - Part 2

Friday 2nd Sep
Got it done.

Day 2 - Part 1

Friday 2nd Sep
Half a run as legs are already sore 🤣

Day 2 - Part 1

Friday 2nd Sep
Half a run as legs are already sore. 🤣

Day 1

Friday 2nd Sep
1 down, 29 to go! 😬

Time to start waking up the legs.

Monday 15th Aug
Great weekend walk to get the legs ready for what's ahead. #STEPtember

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The Talk

YOU DID IT! proud of you all🤍



Good on you Pato! Can’t believe you have done it! I bet the legs are sore! 20km a day in October?


Pauline Osborne

Hi Grant, I am donating $50 to your gorgeous boy Xabian and Cerebral Palsy. Lots of love, Pauline.



Grant smells


Meagan Mcadam


Belinda & Remy Bellamy


Sandy Paterson

Good luck, you can do it xx


Brian Campbell

Good luck, get those happy feet stepping pal👍


Mel And Dave

Good Luck 💙 xx


Chris & John Woodhouse

All the very best 💙


John Wilson

I will supply the beer for hydration.



Happily offer Biscuit to run along with you, but he's not the best running partner and might trip you up.


Xabian & Lilyana

Go Dad!


Atack Family

You’re amazing! You’ve got this xx