STEPtember 23

How its being done

Once again I've found myself addicted to Counterstrike GO. 

So Ill be adding up my performance each ranked comp game. Many years ago I was ranked MG1 but after a bit of time away from the game I've found myself in Silver 2. 

K's = Pull ups

A's = Situps 

D's = Pushups 

Obviously I'm not a complete lazy git so there will be other things added to get my steps up. 

I'll try to update you all on my progress as I go. I may even stream my progress from time to time. 

Any donations welcome. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Storage King Australia

In the face of tired feet, know that your efforts are enormously appreciated! With each step, you are helping to fund vital research, therapies, and resources that will improve the lives of countless individuals and their families living with Cerebral Palsy. Your willingness to step up and make a difference is truly inspiring!