Smiley Cleary

STEPtember 23

For people living with cerebral palsy.

Moving 10,000 steps a day is one heck of a challenge! But each move will be made easier knowing it's all for a very worthy cause. Every dollar I raise will support life-changing research, treatment, services and asssitive technologies to help people with cerebral palsy. Please help me support this great cause! 

Thank you to my Sponsors



Step it up KING !


Facey Fam

Great to see you committed again this year to a great cause Smiles. Keep moving forward xx


Damian Chapelle

Brilliant work Smiley for such a great cause


Andy Thompson


Mark Murphy


Jeremy B

Step to it mate


Carl West

Lot's of walking around Europe!!


Jamie Appleby




I would outstep you


Vicki Allen


Ange Cleary

Go Micey!!


Tim Henwood

Great work Smiles.


Victoria Forsyth


Brett Wilson

One of the greatest gifts we have as a human is the power of giving....well done mate


Pete & Marcelle Sofo

Fantastic work mate!


Ivan Gough

Nice one mate!


Tracey & Doug

That’s huge! Good on you mate, a fantastic cause close to our hearts


Piero Giovannini

You legend! Well done mate


Stuart Spencer

Well done mate!


Andrew Jenkins And Lynette Laming

We know you'll do it Smiles. Andrew and Lynette


Smiley Cleary