Talei Lewis

For Babies like our Kai living with cerebral palsy.

In February last year we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Kai into the world. It was far from a smooth entrance and as a result of a brain injury caused at birth, Kai has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy ranges from the inability to move a finger, to being bound to a wheelchair. It all stems from an injury or trauma to the brain from the time of birth. What this means for Kai is that he currently has some issues with movement on his left side which at this stage is isolated to his left arm. We’re hoping that’s as far as it goes but only time will tell.  We have been very fortunate that he has been accepted into a medical trial with The Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Australia who have been amazing and provide Kai with intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy every week until he reaches 2 years of age.


Their help and guidance has been invaluable to my family and so we have decided to take part in ‘Steptember’ to commit to 10,000 steps per day for 28 days to raise vital funds for children and adults living with Cerebral Palsy and to raise awareness for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the amazing support they give families like ours. 


Any amount you contribute would make a huge difference to help such an amazing organisation which is now very close to our hearts, offer support to children and adults living with cerebral palsy and of course encourage us to complete our 10,000 steps per day! No donation is too small!


Lots of love, Talei, Mitch and Kai

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Thank you to my Sponsors

01 Oct 2020

Laura & Adrian Millar donated $60.03

Amazing work guys! Go Kai! xxx
30 Sep 2020

Taplin’s donated $165.60

Awesome work guys!
28 Sep 2020

Lara March donated $60.03

You guys are amazing! :)
27 Sep 2020

Chai Hurley donated $20.70

Good luck Craig 😊
24 Sep 2020

Steve Langley donated $103.50

24 Sep 2020

Jenny Robards donated $50.00

So pleased to help this great cause and to see Kai reaping the benefits .
23 Sep 2020

Anonymous donated $51.75

So epic what you guys are doing, sending much love, from Ben and Nic
23 Sep 2020

Nickie C donated $100.00

Love you guys and Kai you are a little legend!
22 Sep 2020

Mitch Lewis donated $165.60

20 Sep 2020

Liz Phillips donated $60.03

You guys are such a great inspiration and Kai is one beautiful lucky boy to have such an amazing family! x
19 Sep 2020

Dorothy Lewis donated $41.40

17 Sep 2020

Karina Van Ewyk donated $25.88

17 Sep 2020

Tanya Kelly donated $51.75

17 Sep 2020

Pure Vision Landscapes donated $139.73

16 Sep 2020

Josh Hughston donated $31.05

16 Sep 2020

Margo Robertson donated $60.03

Keep up your great work 💙
02 Sep 2020

Justeggs Pty Ltd donated $135.00

01 Sep 2020

Jenny Langley donated $60.03

Hi Talei glad to be able to help in this special cause.xo
01 Sep 2020

Hayley Carruthers donated $20.00

31 Aug 2020

Rosemary Broad donated $36.23

28 Aug 2020

Natasha Barron donated $51.75

27 Aug 2020

Layla Watson donated $207.00

Go little Kai!
27 Aug 2020

Emma Johnstone donated $51.75

27 Aug 2020

Ciara Galam donated $51.75

26 Aug 2020

Katie Healey donated $60.03

Love you guys! xox
26 Aug 2020

Mitch Lewis donated $139.73

26 Aug 2020

The Willo's donated $263.93

26 Aug 2020

Reo & Alison Hita donated $60.03

26 Aug 2020

Larissa Bentley donated $20.70

Bless ❤
24 Aug 2020

Talei Lewis donated $160.00