William Sinclair

STEPtember 23

For people living with cerebral palsy.

I literally do not understand the concept of moderation. Please donate and I will walk until my feet fall off.

Thank you to my Sponsors




Rory Charlton

Amazing effort mate - I’ll be gloating about knowing this for years to come! Congratulations, Alice & Rory


Sonny Ali

Let's trot


Chris And Bill Sinclair

Very proud xxxx Mum and Dad


Jess Matthews

You are the human form of "all or nothing". Solid effort as always.



I hope you’re in pain :)


George Wilson


Daniel Neucom

Smashing it year after year mate!



Glad to see you’ve STEPPED it up this year


Sophie Cartner


Andie Wilson


Adam Halama

Help me steptember, I’m stuck




Paul Godfrey

Huge effort 💪


Jeremy Ur Daddy

Big stepper


Cameron Russell

To the greatest stepper I know, As you step forward each day this Steptember, remember that each step you take is more than just a movement; it is a testament to your determination, a gesture of hope, and a beacon of support for a cause much greater than ourselves. Your commitment to taking on this challenge not only showcases your personal strength but also brings a ray of light into the lives of many. We are all on a path to making the world a little brighter, and with each step you take, you are leading the charge with grace and perseverance. I am proud to be able to support you in this endeavor. Your stride is inspiration, a true representation of taking steps towards change, one at a time. You have already shown that no step is too small when it is taken with a heart full of courage and a spirit brimming with hope. May your steps be light, your path be clear, your journey be safe, and your spirit be ever vibrant. May you remain steadfast on the remarkable journey ahead, filled with opportunities to discover the depth of your own strength. Walk on with pride, Will. Keep your spirits high and the steps flowing. Go on, create ripples of change with your mighty steps! With heartfelt cheers and warmest wishes, And in no way as a concession of defeat in our own personal and eternal Steptember challenge, Here's to your 100,000 steps on the morrow, And to the Will in Willpower, Cameron


Beth Sainsbury

At this point, I'll pay you to stop walking. Stay safe Willis.


Linda Phillips


Lauren Draper

Get steppin boy


Demi & Will

Don’t die xx from Will and Demi


Dave Glover


Jasmine Aquilina


Lauren Clarke

As long as you don’t have to grow a moustache


Christabelle Puni